Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Which Edina Homes are the Most Popular?

These days being en vogue isn’t just about having the hottest new shoes or the latest designer purse. No, today, style is something that transcends beyond clothing and into every facet of your life. The house that you own, the car that you drive, and everything else says something about how up on the times and in style you are. If you’re someone who cares about being hip and modern, then you should know that nothing defines you more than the home that you live in. Just by considering Edina homes, you’re already a step ahead of the game. This area has recently become one of the most desirable ones in all of Minnesota, largely due to its safe, small town feel mixed with its proximity to the big city!

If you’re going to live in Edina, then do it right! The most in-style and coveted of all Edina homes are definitely the two-story models. This is made evident by the fact that 95% of new homes built in the area over the last two years are of the two-story variety! On the flip side of things, split-levels are definitely out right now, so even if you don’t go with a two-story home, you’ll certainly want to avoid those!

Of course, there is nothing more stylish than being true to yourself. If you happen to like a one-story or a one and a half story home in the area (or even a dreaded split-level!), go for it! After all, choosing to be different is making a statement all in itself. No matter what kind of home you’re after, let the pros at Edina Real Estate Experts lend you a helping hand.

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